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Command Center

  • Control information
  • Improve workflow
  • Boost productivity
  • Increase revenues

ShipDecision works like a virtual command center. The system links each business partner involved in the voyage process and ensures they have access to accurate information, when and where it is needed. Accessible anywhere an internet connection is available, and protected through banking-level encryption, ShipDecision intelligently processes data, documents and communications related to each voyage.

Every piece of information received is safely secured in an electronic vault which can be accessed by authorized users who need to work with the information. This also provides a tamper-proof audit trail of all business activities.

With specific modules for Operators, Brokers, Charterers, Surveyors, Agents, Insurers and Registries, ShipDecision 3.0 saves time, reduces costs, and helps create a competitive advantage.

ShipDecision Information Triage

Specific Modules